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Influencer Text Messaging and Texting for Content Creators

Build & engage with your fanbase via SMS. Text your followers, easily build a subscribers list, promote your brand, attract partnerships.

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Why text your follower base as a social media influencer or content creator?

Turn social media followers into a loyal subscriber base

By texting a keyword or submitting an online form, build an even more loyal follower base beyond your social media platforms.

Build an engaging follower base

Share important posts by texting a short link. Don’t let the constantly changing algorithms stop your posts from reaching your followers.

Drive more product sales

Text your website link or shop map link. Offer special coupons and attract more people to your SMS list.

Attract brand partnerships

Send promotional campaigns for partnerships. Stand out by showing influencer marketing performance with campaign reports and click tracking. Attract more DTC brands and partnerships.

Offer SMS campaigns for targeted groups

Group your subscribers based on their interests and send targeted campaigns. It will be a plus point for your influencer strategy.

Stand out among the best content creators and top influencers with OnlyFans

Reach your OnlyFans audience easier and quicker by sending short links, promotions, coupon codes, and exclusive offers. Engage with them via two way texting.

Increase your social media followers

Interest-based campaigns, short links, campaign success reports, click tracking… Simply put, who would not want to follow and subscribe to you when you have got this much to offer?

What we offer

For Influencers and content creators

  • SMS campaign management platform
  • Dedicated text number
  • Online subscription form facility
  • Campaign tracking reports
  • Click tracking reports for performance based influencer marketing
  • Dedicated web page
  • Web page traffic reports
  • Web visitor retargeting campaigns
  • Two-way texting for OnlyFans
  • Global SMS for international influencer marketing

For influencer management agency / influencer marketing agency / influencer PR companies

  • Platform to manage influencer campaigns
  • Multiple dedicated text numbers
  • Online subscription form facility
  • Influencer campaign tracking reports
  • Click tracking reports for performance based influencer marketing
  • Multiple admin access
  • Influencer marketing site visitor retargeting campaigns

SMS platform features for content creators, influencers and global influencer marketing agencies


Group your subscribers for better management

Create groups based on social media platforms, interests, paid and free subscriptions, and other general factors such as age, location, marital status, loyalty, gender etc.


Easily send targeted campaigns

Easily send separate text message campaigns for users of different social media platforms, OnlyFans group, paid subscribers, free subscribers, location-based groups etc.


Send texts to multiple groups in one campaign

Select multiple segments (Paid subscribers and free subscribers etc.) in one campaign. Easily send mass general updates. Eliminate the need to send several campaigns for a single text message.


Personalize and customize SMS campaigns for each individual subscriber

Automatically include each subscriber’s name in the SMS content. Customize more by automatically including any required individual subscriber-specific data using custom attributes.


Automate and schedule SMS campaigns

Send the text campaigns at the exact time and date required by scheduling them. Easily align SMS campaigns with related brand activities.


Use campaign reports and click tracking reports to vouch for campaign performance

View reports on campaign deliveries, opens, number of link clicks and who exactly clicked the links. Increase your brand value to attract more partnerships and sponsorships using campaign success rate reports with details.

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