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Text Messaging for Schools & Educational Institutions

The ideal solution to the hassle in online learning and teaching. Easy communication with parents & students to send online class links, class cancellations, & other reminders.

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What can you send students & parents using SMS alerts?

Class cancellation notifications
New class times
Links to submit assignments
Assignment / registration deadlines
Links to join online classes
Payment reminders & payment links
Links for online parents’ meetings
Feedback to parents
Academic performance results

What makes ShoutOUT the ideal tool to text students and parents?


Create groups/segments from your contact list

Upload your contact list as a CSV or Excel file. You can also integrate your existing school management system.

Create groups based on the types of different people or campaigns you need to send. (e.g., Parents, Students, Grade 10 Students, Maths Class 9 etc.)

Keep all contact details on ShoutOUT and use them to send personalized text messages by including parent's name, student ID, etc. in the message content.


Send texts to multiple contact groups in one campaign

Select multiple segments (that you created, such as Parents, Students, Grade 10 Students, Maths Class 9 etc.) in one campaign.

Easily send a general message such as academic time tables, payment links, emergency notices etc. to multiple groups (e.g., Grade 10 and Grade 11), in one campaign.

Eliminate the need to send several campaigns for a single text message.


Send text messages either under your institute's name or via a unique text number

Ensure that your text messages stand out in the message inbox using a unique Sender ID.

Request for a Sender ID that you would prefer, after creating a ShoutOUT profile. If all conditions are satisfied, it will be approved within one business day.

You can get your school, university, educational institution or tutor name, or a unique text number, as the Sender ID.


Include shortened online links

Send online registration, payment, class, meeting, website links etc. in the text message.

The URL Shortener option automatically reduces URL length, turns it into a shortened URL, thereby reducing the number of characters taken up.

Other unique features that remove the hassle in sending text message campaigns


Plan campaigns ahead. Schedule text messages to be sent later.


Save messages as templates to be used repetitively in campaigns.

Live SMS preview

Check the final look of your message as you type it, on a mobile phone screen.

Custom attributes

Automatically add person/group-specific data to the SMS content. (e.g., class name, course ID, etc.)

How to send messages to students & parents?

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