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Omnichannel messaging platform for customer communication

Every customer is connected. Everywhere.

Bring all your customer conversations into one inbox, while still letting them contact you through any channel they prefer. Welcome to omnichannel customer experience.

Keep customer conversations going with the shared inbox

The shared inbox is your superpower. Reply instantly.
Never miss a message.

It is no easy task trying to reply to all customers messaging you on a zillion channels. Chances are higher for delayed responses or missed messages all together - the path to quickly losing potential customers. Why go through the hassle and loss when the solution is right here? Switch to our omnichannel messaging platform.

Everywhere is one place

Let your customers keep talking to you where they feel convenient, be it SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger or Web chat. Join omnichannel customer service.

Everyone can give a hand

Multiple users can access the shared inbox on multiple devices so that conversations run smoothly with no delays. The struggle with single admins for WhatsApp accounts is no more.

Everything runs smoothly

No constant switching between messaging apps. No delayed or missed responses. Simply, zero hassle. Win customers with excellent customer service via smooth omnichannel communication.

Be where your customers are

Slide into the messaging platform your customer prefers.
Be that company everyone loves.

Everything has changed. So have your customers. They expect you to value their time, respond without delay and be easily contactable. A minute’s delay can have your customer in your competitors’ hands. Why let it happen when the solution is right here.


Let several agents manage the WhatsApp account via one mobile number, with ShoutOUT’s omnichannel inbox. Have a simple chatbot to set up a WhatsApp automated reply option to answer FAQs when agents are away. Easily integrate the WhatsApp business API to send campaigns.


Quickly and easily respond to all customer inquiries on Messenger. Let multiple users talk to customers to avoid delays. Integrate chatbot with Facebook Messenger to reply to FAQs when agents are not available. Be present 24/7.


Manage all customer inquiries without a hassle with several admins responding. Save your sales with quick responses without making the customer wait. When agents are offline, let a simple customer service chatbot handle FAQs.

ShoutOUT’s shared Inbox comes with unique features you can’t say no to!

Be prepared with everything. Keep your customers happy.
Multiple channels
Multiple admins
Agent unique credentials
Single WhatsApp business number
Chatbots for FAQs
Automatic agent assigning to chatbot conversations
Daily report on conversations
Mark conversations as ‘Resolved’
Canned responses

Be where your customers are