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SMS Marketing Solutions for Different Industries

Reliable text marketing solution for all use cases, whichever industry you come from.
SMS Alerts for Weddings

Wedding SMS is the new trend which both wedding planners as well as brides and grooms are embracing. SMS will help you facilitate communication with vendors and guests before, during and after the wedding.

  • Send wedding invitations
  • Send venue map link
  • Get RSVP
  • Update guests of venue / date changes
  • Communicate with vendors
  • Schedule updates on wedding day events
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Text Messaging for Schools

With SMS, educational institutes can easily manage communication with students, parents, academic and other staff without any hassle, from one place.

  • Send mass updates to all students
  • Communicate with parents on students’ progress
  • Set up meetings and send meeting links
  • Send payment reminders and links
  • Send online class links
  • Update on emergencies
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Group Text Messaging for Churches

SMS solution for churches, ministries and other religious institutes to easily and quickly reach your entire congregation, charities, donors and supporters.

  • Send community updates
  • Send event updates
  • Receive prayer requests
  • Send donation and event registration links
  • Update mass schedule changes
  • Send volunteer program details
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Influencer Text Messaging and Texting for Content Creators

Text messaging solution for influencers and content creators to better engage with your followers and subscribers, and easily promote merch and content.

  • Promote new content
  • Promote product launches
  • Drive merch sales by sending short links
  • Share online links for "Only Fans" content
  • Send donation and event registration links
  • Send discount codes
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