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Text Message Alerts for Weddings

For wedding invitations, RSVP responses, venue / date changes, venue location links & other updates. A single click to inform your entire guest list!

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What can you send using SMS alerts before, during and after your wedding?

wedding-sms-invitationWedding invitations
rsvp-smsRSVP Links
wedding-smsCancellation / postponement notifications
text-wedding-venue-linkLinks for wedding venue map location
notify-wedding-venue-changeVenue changes
how-to-get-a-wedding-guest-to-rsvp-via-smsRSVP reminders
share-wedding-album-link-via-SMSPost- wedding online photo album links
share-wedding-agenda-via-smsWedding ceremony agenda
send-wedding-website-url-via-SMSLink to your wedding website

What makes ShoutOUT the ideal text message alert service for weddings?


Create groups/segments from your contact list

Upload your contact list as a CSV or Excel file.

Create groups based on the types of people you need to send different SMS to. (e.g., guests, vendors, family members, bride’s maids/groomsmen etc.)

Keep all contact details on ShoutOUT and use them to send personalized text messages.


Send texts to multiple contact groups in one campaign

Select multiple segments (that you created, such as guests, vendors, family members, bride’s maids/groomsmen etc.) in one campaign.

Easily send a general message such as venue/time change, buffet opening, venue map link etc. to them in a single campaign.

Eliminate the need to send several campaigns for a single text message.


Send text messages either via a unique text number or under a name you prefer

Use any name you need such as the couple’s name to send SMS alerts. You can use a unique number instead of a name, too!

Request for a Sender ID that you prefer, after creating a ShoutOUT profile. If all conditions are satisfied, it will be approved within one business day


Include shortened online links

Send RSVP, venue map location, online streaming links etc. in the text message.

The URL Shortener option automatically reduces URL length, turns it into a shortened URL, thereby reducing the number of characters taken up.

Other unique features that will help you send the perfect SMS for your wedding


Schedule text messages beforehand to be automatically sent when you need.


Save messages as templates to be used again and again.

Live SMS preview

Check the final look of your message as you type it, on a mobile phone screen.

Custom attributes

Automatically add unique individual specific data to the message content. (Eg: names, dates, times, etc.)

Enjoy stress free wedding planning!

“Loved using this platform for our wedding invitation to keep our guests up-to-date of any possible changes in venue and times. This is a go to service for anyone planning their big day during this pandemic! Also, unlike other platforms, we were able to target our audience and focus on key attendees. Customer service was incredible! Thank you so much for helping our wedding day run smoothly!”

- Nithushan & Abinaya

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